Metal Roofs Offer Homeowners Plenty of Long-Term Benefits

There are many reasons that property owners are opting to go with metal roofs instead of the traditional asphalt shingled roof that you typically see. Longevity and durability are two of the biggest advantages of metal sheeting. One thing that always appeals to people is the return on investment they get if they sell the home. Angie’s List says that people usually gain one to six percent extra value when the home is sold after a metal roof is installed. Energy savings and customization are two more benefits of stainless steel, tin, copper, or zinc-coated roof panels.

Metal lasts much longer than asphalt or wood shingles; up to 70 years depending on the thickness of the metal and how it is installed. Typically, metal roofs are warrantied for about 50 years or come with a lifetime warranty, says Bob Vila. This realization means that you may never buy another roof after you purchase a metal one for your home. Another benefit of metal is that it is much more weatherproof than other materials like wood and asphalt. You can walk on a metal roof if you know where the strongest points are to step.

Metal roofs will not rust or rot. They are made almost entirely with recycled materials and can be recycled again when removed from the roof. Being friendly to the environment is one of the reasons that people choose to go with metal versus other shingles or panels. Some people believe that metal is much louder than wood, but Angie’s List says that is simply not the case because metal is installed over thick wood panels that absorb the sound better than shingles. If you ever worried that metal roofs might attract lightening during a thunderstorm, then put your mind at ease, because even though metal conducts electricity, it does not attract it.

Metal roofs are easy to tailor because the metal is made into various forms, and it comes in a variety of colors. Metal in light colors reflect the sunlight creating a savings between ten and twenty-five percent, according to State Farm. You can always choose a darker color if it fits into the design you already have, but why not save some money and reflect some of the sunlight away from your home and keep your utility costs a little bit lower each year?

Once your metal roof is installed, you might be surprised at how quick it was to place from start to finish. Most metal roofs are faster to install than cedar tiles or shingles because the panels are larger and there are much fewer seams. The best part about fewer seams is that there are fewer places for water to try to infiltrate. This fact is one of the things that attracts people to metal roofs. Choosing a metal roof is a sustainable investment in your home. Metal offers many benefits over wood or other shingles. To learn more consider checking out the State Farm website or reading what Bob Vila says.


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