Springing for a Destination Wedding Is the Perfect Vacation Plan

When it comes to planning a wedding and a honeymoon simultaneously, it’s not uncommon to find yourself a little overwhelmed with the sheer size of the to-do list. It’s cumbersome doing both, and that’s precisely why so many couples are choosing to get married on an island in the middle of the gorgeous Caribbean where they can get married and honeymoon at the same time. A destination wedding might seem like a stretch, but it’s the most affordable way to get married in a dream location while also spending your honeymoon with your new spouse. If you’re not convinced, here’s a few reasons getting married in the tropics is the perfect solution to your wedding budget issues.

No Stress

The fact that you’re not there to plan your own wedding and see to the details might sound more stressful than it is when you get down to the destination wedding plans. Your wedding comes complete with a wedding planner well-versed in providing you with a stress-free experience and a picture-perfect wedding. Let him or her handle the minute details that bog down brides and grooms while you work on your perfect bikini body and packing list. You’re not there to deal with the issues, and someone else has the luxury of doing that job on your behalf.

Minimize the Guest List

The great news about destination weddings is they really limit the guest list. Getting married at home means figuring out who you want to invite, who you don’t want to invite, and how you tell your parents you don’t want to invite the people they want to see at the wedding. Since only those closest to the bride and groom want to travel far and wide to attend a wedding, it’ll be only the people you love and care for the most in attendance on your wedding day. How’s that for sweet?

It’s More Affordable

Perhaps you think getting married at the local church and renting a reception hall for 300 people is your cheapest option, but it’s not. A destination wedding is far less expensive. You can rent luxury villas, homes, or hotels such as the ones found at
http://www.exceptionalvillas.com/british-virgin-islandsto host your big day, and you’re only responsible for paying for your portion. Your guests pay their own hotel room fees, their own flights, and anything else that they want when at your wedding. It’s a much more affordable way to get married than staying home and catering a sit-down dinner for 300 people.

Destination weddings are just like real estate. It’s all about location, location, location. For a fraction of the cost of getting married at a hotel ballroom at home without a beautiful view or any of the amazing backgrounds in photos, you can get married in paradise. To make matters even more exciting, you can take all the money you saved on your destination wedding and use to make a down payment on a new home for your future family.